Learning Adventures and Beyond takes children of all ages for learning outside of the classroom! We offer prearranged trips for children and parents to Niagara, Canada for a lifetime learning experience!

Our Trips

Our trips are designed and tailored to each age group which allows the ultimate learning and discovery time needed! Younger children will be guided by our trained staff on different outings each day, have pre arranged tours, lesson time, and other exciting activities! Older students will be guided on college campus tours, museums, language and learning with locals and be able to practice English outside of the normal classroom setting!

​Our Staff

Kayla Edwards- Adventure Leader

Kayla has been working in Asia for over 6 years as an English teacher. She has a degree in Addictions and Community Services and is originally from Niagara, Ontario (Canada). She has a love for reading, teaching, and exploring new countries. She enjoys music of all sorts and spends her free time teaching students English online. 

Dana Mc Gowen- Adventure Marketing Manager

Dana has been working in Hong Kong as a teacher for 6 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and is originally from Alabama, (U.S.). Her past times include traveling, eating, and learning about new cultures. She absolutely loves working with children and is happy to call HK her home! 

Dante Morley-Montes- Adventure Chef

Dante has worked in Asia for 6 years as an English teacher. He has a degree in International Business and is originally from California, (USA). He is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys cooking and reading in his free time. He has been a leader with many outdoor groups including a local Hong Kong company.


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