Our Beginner Program

We have programs suitable for children starting at the age of four and the activities are carefully selected based on the needs and amount of students on each trip. 


Sample Itinerary:

  • BREAKFAST 8:00am: Eggs, toast, sausage, bananas and orange juice.  The students will be asked to go to the washroom (teeth) and get dressed immediately after breakfast.

  • PACKING: Students will get their lunch boxes and water bottles from the kitchen and place them by the door. They will have their sunscreen applies and have last minute reminders of rules while out in the community.

  • OUTING-TREE TAPPING: Students will meet a local tree tapper who will explain about the trees and how to tap properly to get maple syrup to come out. They will get to try themselves as well taste it in different forms. They will each get a bottle of syrup and maple fudge candies. (These will be given to the parents to try and also bring home as well).

  • LUNCH- PICNIC: The students will be given their lunch boxes and water bottles to enjoy eating outside surrounded by maple trees. (They will be reminded to use the toilets). When lunches are finished we pack up and head to Miss. Kayla’s house

  • LESSON TIME-“TREES”: The students will wash up and start their lesson on parts of a tree and about what you can find in a forest. The students will be given a variety of leaves to look at and discuss.

  • SNACK TIME: Students will be given 

  • OUTSIDE ACTIVITY: The students will participate in rock painting. They will be able to choose the rock and what they would like to paint on them. They will use the leaves they already examined to make mosaics to give their parents later. (There is shade for them on the porch.)

  • DINNER- LASAGNA: The students will all sit at the large table in the living room and enjoy lasagna, potato salad, buns, veggie sticks with dip, milk and water. 

  • STORY TIME: Students will take turns having getting washed up and put into their pyjamas. While this is happening the remaining students will enjoy story time in the main room together. 



Programs offered throughout the year!


Outdoor Play

Every single day the students will enjoy the Canadian fresh air with various activities in the grass.

The students can choose their own activities and even learn how to build things.

Students will be encouraged to use resources from nature and use their imagination to make up games!