Sample Itinerary:

  • BREAKFAST Oatmeal, mixed fruit and nuts for toppings, bagels with a variety of spreads, juice and milk

  • OUTING-Drama Studio Students will head out to the local drama studio where they will meet new friends and participate in an English drama class. They will learn different vocabulary and physical movements that will enhance their stage presence. We will finish off with free play, so students can get to know their new friends through a relaxed and creative space. 

  • LUNCH- PICNIC: Students will enjoy a picnic outside and share the food they brought with their new friends. This is a great way of encouraging kind acts and social skills.

  • Special guest appearance: We will then head back to the house where a local fireman will bring some equipment and the fire engine for students to explore. The children will have a quick discussion about fire safety and emergencies where they will then get to take a closer look at the equipment. 

  • SNACK TIME: Students will be given 

  • OUTSIDE ACTIVITY: Students will have the task of decorating a birdhouse with natural resources they see in the yard. The birdhouses will later be put up around the yard to sustain the wildlife and teach the students the importance of animals. 

  • DINNER: Dinner will be prepared as a group and set the table as a team. Ceasar salad, veggie sticks with hummus, and a chicken pesto pasta will be served with local bread/butter and milk. The children will be tasked with clearing the table and putting dishes away. 

  • STORY TIME: Students will take turns having getting washed up and put into their pyjamas. While this is happening the remaining students will enjoy story time in the main room together. 



Student's will get special guests to interact with throughout the week to learn real life skills that can be used in all countries.

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